Marathon Day

“Ganja Marathon – 2017” will take on September 17, 2017. 

Participants are asked to be on the designated location at the time indicated below:

Start time: 10:00 am

Arrival time to the start point for the race: 08:30

Health & Safety

Take the following points into account to make sure that marathon is safe and enjoyable for everyone:

- Move in the left side of the road to allow others to take the right

- Be kind toward other participants

- Follow the instructions of the racing officials, volunteers and traffic controllers.

Help desk

The event will be supported by help desk installed in every 2 kilometers of the route for all directions. Help desk will provide water, sanitary facilities and first medical help to runners. 

Bag storage

Bag storage service will be located at the start zone of the marathon. Only marathon participants may leave their bags in the storage points. Your bags will be marked with a special sticker when you hand them over. Please, make sure your race sticker is fastened before leaving your bag at the bag storage zone. Your bags will be delivered to the finish line and you will be able to take it after the race is over. 

Please, take your bag before leaving Haydar Aliyev Park Complex at 17:30, September 17. 


Partners & Sponsors