Rules for participation

1.1        Only people aged 16 and above can participate in the race.

1.2 The race number of the runners will determine their identity and it cannot be changed, replaced or sold to another person. It is forbidden to sell or change the race numbers and in the event that it happens, it might result in the runner being disqualified from the race and barred from attending future events. 

1.3 The registration ends on the date indicated on the official website of the marathon. There are no exceptions. Only organizers have the right to change the date of the race. 

1.4  Runners cannot be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 


Barring participants from competing


2.1 Participants who are unable to make it to the starting line on time will not be allowed to compete and will not be refunded. 

Canceling or changing the date of the race

3.1 Organizers can change the date of the race whenever they want. The changes (e.g. changing the start time) will be agreed with the participants in advance. 


4.1 Supervisors can disqualify any participant if they violate the rules and conditions.

4.2 Disqualification can occur in the following cases:

-  If the runner exchanges race numbers with another runner without the knowledge of the organizer; 

-  If the runner strays out of the designated marathon route; 

-  If the participant disobeys the orders of the racing official or uses abusive words and actions against officials, volunteers or spectators

On the race day

5.1 Participants should follow instructions given by all racing officials, including the staff, volunteers, medical staff, enforcement officers and city officials before, during and after the race. 

5.2 Every participant should be assigned a race number printed on the front of their shirt and is visible during the entire race. 

5.3 Participants should inform the organizers about their health issues or the medication they have taken in advance. 

5.4 Participants should begin the race at the designated start time. 


6.1 Participation is at your own risk. 

6.2 Organizing staff is not responsible for lost items or damages caused during the race.  

6.3 Organizer is not responsible for any loss or/and damage to the participant.  

6.4 Organizer is not responsible for the behavior of the spectators or the third party. 

6.5 Organizer is not responsible for the incidents (allergies, etc) caused by the food or beverages sold on the race day. 

Prohibited objects

- Potentially lethal or “dual use” items can be considered dangerous; for example, hammer, nail, sharp, cutting objects, etc;

- Highly flammable liquids, fuels, fireworks, toxic chemicals and explosives;

- Large packages;

- Non-transparent trash cans and plastic containers;

- Animals/pets;

- Folding chairs, folding camp chairs and tables of every kind;  

- Liquid bottles with a capacity of more than a liter; 

- Suitcases and roller suitcases; 


Partners & Sponsors